Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mill Site State Park, Utah

In south central Utah on the edge of the Colorado Plateau is one of Utah's lesser known state parks.  Millsite State Park is located about 50 miles southeast of Price, Utah.  Located in Emery County the park has spectacular views, ancient petroglyphs, and many mesas, canyons, cliffs, and of course Harriman's Yucca.

The park also has a golf course that would challenge any desert golfer out there. Centered around Millsite Reservoir there is plenty of fishing and boating going on during the high season.

Looking toward the northeast you can see the reservoir in plain view alongside the cliffs. These cliffs form the eastern edge of the Wasatch Plateau in central Utah.

Looking across the reservoir you can see mesas and buttes that are characteristic of the San Rafael Area of the Colorado Plateau.

The setting sun to the west casts a shadow across the Millsite Reservoir and the cliffs of the San Rafael.

A closer view shows that the area has a very high uplift. The entire area sits on a base of about 5,500 feet above sea levels. All seasons are dry with winters being cold and summers being hot and dry on a typical year.

Ferron Creek feeds the reservoir, which in turn serves the water needs of Emery County, Utah's communities of Castle Dale, Ferron, Emery, Elmo, and Clawson among others.

And finally there is the lovely golf course. Like some other desert lovers, I am not against golf courses. I think they add an element of green oasis type environment plus they add to the recreation. Not everyone likes to fish, hike, camp, and take pictures. So here's to the golfers!

Deserts are truly capable of producing many types of fun. Enjoy them and take good care of them.

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