Saturday, June 19, 2010

Desert Landscaping and Water

One of my favorite things about desert landscaping happens to be the use of water. It is the beauty of man's ability to create an "oasis" in the middle of a city or suburbia, especially if it is located in a desert setting.

Creativity is key in my mind when thinking about what I would like to see in a desert. What makes it bloom? Water the giver of all life. This fountain is from Sun Valley, Idaho at the top of the Snake River Plain in the

This man made beauty graces the Casa Blanca in Mesquite, Nevada. The waterfall has a realistic feel to it and is one of the better ones that I have seen in a Mojave Desert community.

Again, this is from the Casa Blanca. I also find fountains amazing. Water can be an art form as well.

Salt Lake City, Utah sits at the western slope of the Rocky Mountains Wasatch Range and the eastern Great Basin.  This reflecting pool at Temple Square in Salt Lake is a beautiful use of water use in landscaping.
Of course nothing beats the real thing. This is Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon about 6 miles from Provo, Utah in the Wasatch Range.

Nothing beats a good night shot of an illuminated waterfall. This one is located in Mesquite, Nevada.

This has got to be one of my favorites. It combines a wetlands look surrounded by desert plants. This one is in Ivins, Utah in the southwest of the state.

You may have noticed this one at the top of the blog page. This is a night shot of a fountain at the Mormon Temple in Las Vegas, Nevada. This is one of my favorites as you can see the lights of Las Vegas behind the beautiful blue lit fountain.

The use of water makes desert landscaping fun and interesting. Now if I could just afford some of the infrastructure that it takes to put up something like this in my yard? Deserts seen in a whole new light of water so to speak.

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