Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fathers Day: Give Dad A Yucca

Tired of giving dad that stupid old tie or a new set of screwdrivers this Fathers Day?  Give a gift that keeps on giving. Give dad a yucca. They come in all shapes and sizes.  Yucca typically are recognizable by their long sword like fibrous leaves that come to a point.

Some species are soft like Adam's Needle while others are very painful if not treated with care such as Yucca Bacata.  Most yucca shoot up a stalk in the spring or summer with milky white to off white flowers.  Some yucca grow in colonies or clumps while others are more solitary and have a trunk.

Some do well in humid wet climates, but most prefer dry well drained soils with minimal watering. Many are cold hardy and will stay some degree of green all year around, though most growth occurs during the standard growing season of the area.

So give dad something that will poke him and keep him on the straight and narrow. Give the gift of a yucca. Happy Fathers Day!

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