Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Cactus Bloom Season

Cactus bloom season has begun. The little devils prickle all year long. But like the fourth of July it really is a beauty to behold the cactus bloom.

To the right is the hedgehog cactus with it's red blooms. This year this one of three that I have put in my garden produced these beautiful blooms of crimson red. Truly worth the wait each year for thise blossoms.

To the left is a picture of prickly pear. What was unique about this picture is that the cacti, yucca and other plants are not in bloom, but the tulips are. The tulips though are full bloom and accent the cactus well. So I added this in this blog entry because it is a rarety to see tulips and cacti in the same picture.

One of the best pictures I feel that I have taken in Salt Lake City.

More cacti in my garden are blooming and I hope to publish these. Cacti and yucca blooms make it all worth while.

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