Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Critters, Kids, and Coconuts!

Critters, kids and coconuts!!  My trip down to Southern Brazil last December was a blast.  The racoon critters are called coatis, and they are everywhere in the Iguacu area. My  daughter Izabella loved to chase those critters around. They would literally jump onto you. One grabbed some snacks out of my hand, and another grabbed something out of my backpack!   Also, there are numerous coconuts on the beach.  However, what is interesting is that although these coconuts thrive here, they are at the very extreme southern tip of where coconuts are native.  (The coconuts pictured here are in Itapema, Brazil.) The 2nd map below indicates the native range of coconuts,  The first map on top shows some of the cities near Itapema.  Itapema is about halfway between Florinopolis and Curitiba, which are listed on the map. Itapema itself is actually not mentioned on the map.   The rest of the pictures are from Balneario Camboriu  and the Curitiba, Brazil area.  The funky pine tree with its branches pushing upward is a special type of pine only found in the Curitiba, Brazil area.



  1. Want to see more? Click on "Desert pics of the Southwest" link on the right. It's my webshots album. Check out the "Brazil" section

  2. Kirk those pictures are great. Thanks for sharing them.


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