Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fall In The Desert

It has been awhile since posting, but I am back to put up some new pics.  The desert takes on a new look in the winter, especially the Great Basin and the Colorado Plateau.  Above are the south side of the Uinta Mountains that rise above the Uinta Basin in northeastern Utah.

On the Utah County and Tooele County line in western Utah is five mile pass. This picture is on State Road 73 just west of Fairfield, Utah at sunset. The days are short in the fall and winter, but some of the best sunset pictures can be obtained due to the angle of the sun.

Yes, we do have some color in the area. Here is a fall shot of some trees at Temple Square in Salt Lake City, Utah. Indian Summer or late September and October can produce some of the most beautiful fall color combinations.

Many flowers that are very cold hardy last well into the fall and it takes several frosts before the flowers will finally die back for the oncoming winter.

Up in the high mountains the browning of the grasses contrasts greatly against the deep blue waters of Strawberry Reservoir on the back side of the Wasatch Mountains in Utah.
The Alpine meadows near Park City, Utah show a variety of colors as evergreen pines contrast against the Aspens. Only 20 miles to the east the Valleys are still a few weeks away from full fall color.

Finally just seeing the contrast of the seasons is one of the beauties of the seasonal "cold" desert areas. Many different elevations and climates produce a variety of photographic experiences that would not necessarily be seen in the deserts further south in the United States.

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