Sunday, May 30, 2010

Giant cholla

Just yesterday I went onto craigslist and someone was giving away 7 foot cholla! Well, I was there today digging the sucker up. The one bad thing was the main root was so thick that I couldn't get the shovel to break it. (The guy told me it was about 40 years old). Anyway, I had no choice but to cut it up into pieces. Luckily, chollas transplant very well and do grow great even when cut up into separate pieces. There are a few fairly large large "bush-sized" cuttings I was able to plant. I'll try to take some additional pictures tomorrow. Also, tomorrow I'm of to a nursery to get hopefully a fairly large trunked-yucca such as a yucca rostrata or the like. The guy from the nursery emailed me and stated they have a bunch at 30 percent of. However, I can't afford to buy one that costs a few hundred dollars, so gotta control my urges there.

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  1. Kirk that is great. Good stuff. Need pics to see.


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